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LOOK: This airline is serving this beautifully crafted iftar meals on board!

Emirates airlines will be providing specially crafted iftar meals on board to its passengers during Ramadan. How sweet is that? You can still feel the Ramadan vibe even though you are 60,000 feet above the ground.

Apart from iftar meals, they will also distribute dates and water on the ground for those breaking their fast.

The iftar box is redesigned by Silsal Design House. It’s inspired by the Middle East, its people, places and culture.

It consists of couscous salad and grilled chicken or moudardara and roasted chicken, sandwiches, spinach fatayer or tomato and onion fatayer, assorted sweets, dates, laban and water.

The iftar boxes are also designed for customers who choose to take it away.

It will only be available on select flights that coincide with iftar timings – this includes those flights to and from the Gulf region as well as flights catering to Umrah groups travelling to Jeddah and Medina during the month of Ramadan.

When it’s time to break the fast, passengers will be informed by the captain.

Dates and water will be provided to those who will break fast after sunset before boarding the plane.

For the very first time in Emirates’ history, it will serve sweet cookies during Eid Al Fitr to all passengers in Economy class, while those in First and Business class will receive a box of chocolates and enjoy a special Eid edition of the Lakrids candy.

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