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MINATO – A Hidden Gem in Deira For Sushi and Teppanyaki Buffet Lovers

Minato is the only place you will ever need for all your Japanese cravings – from sushi, tempura, miso ramen, noodles, fried rice, Japanese curry, and their ever-popular Teppanyaki.

This hidden gem can be found inside the Radisson Blu Hotel (second level) in Deira and widely popular for having a wide variety of sushi buffet and Teppanyaki.


The inside of the restaurant is vibrating with positivity and the Japanese traits are very visible from the table napkins, wallpapers, paintings, and floors.

You’ll just love the interior and themed décor of the place.


Apart from displaying an exquisite set of buffets, Minato has also a live cooking show for Teppanyaki lovers where you can choose your kind of meat and vegetable and you can tell the chef how you’d like your food done.

What we fancy bout the Teppanyaki is the authentic taste of Japanese and it’s flavorful in many ways. Many Japanese restaurants in the UAE do not offer what they’re offering. With how the tempura was simply cooked, it was soft but crunchy at the same time.

The sushi/sashimi counter is perfect for sushi lovers! It’s not only Instagram worthy, but it’s also tasty!


We have no complaints in terms of service. They are top-notch and no restaurant here in Dubai can top their customer service. The warm welcome the moment you stepped on their restaurant up until you get out of the restaurant was there.

We also met Miss Rosenda Datinguinoo, the Assistant Restaurant Manager, who was very accommodating when we dined in.

She mentioned during our conversation that Asians, especially the Filipino community, liked how the food tastes in the place. Teppanyaki is the top pick for them because they can request the very flexible chef whatever they want.

Minato can sit 70 people and they also have two private rooms.

It is advisable to make a reservation before going in as they always welcome many diners, especially during dinner.

We’ve also met Chef Elmer Mancera, the Chef de Cuisine for five Asian restaurants inside the Radisson Blu Hotel. He overlooks the dishes being served in Minato.

Chef Elmer has been working in Radisson Blue Hotel’s kitchen for almost 12 years now and has already known the way to Asians and Non-Asian’s hearts.


Currently, Minato is running a promotion for Filipinos – AED 179 for two customers. The price for two includes a sushi buffet and Teppanyaki.

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