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Mysteriously, The Cause Of Death Of These FIVE Expats In UAE Are Almost The Same

In two months, UAE has recorded five deaths, and they share the same causes of death.

Is it time to panic?

In an investigation conducted by Gulf News, it concludes that the five sudden deaths of expatriates recently show some similarities.

The first symptoms would be respiratory infection. The five victims’ condition then later worsened that led to multiple organ failure.

The most recent death happened in Ajman was on December 29, 2018, to a young Indian man named CN Nabhan Nasser.

Meanwhile, a two-and-half year old girl has also died on December 19 due to encephalitis and Influenza A virus in a hospital in Sharjah.

It was also reported on November 28 the death of a seven-year-old in Dubai who had suffered from mild to high fever, nausea and vomiting for three days. Medical tests showed that her blood pallet count has fallen to 7,000 which should have benn more than 70,000. She died of sepis and multiple organ failure.

On November 13, a grade 12 student was also announced dead due to suspected flu symptoms within hours after reporting to the emergency room.

On October 30, a grade three student has also died after suffering from flu-like symptoms for more than a week. She was admitted in a hospital and died of heart failure.


Coincidentally, the five belonged to the state of Kerala in India and at least four of them belonged to Kannur district.

All of them were living normal and healthy lives before contracting fever, in less than a week before their death.

All of them had a mild to high fever with respiratory infections.

Most of them were conscious when brought to hospitals.

All of them suffered from multiple organ failure.

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