• O.G. Wright

‘Nahihirapan Na Ako,’ Says Filipina Migrant Worker Who Kills Herself After Enduring Difficulties

A Filipina migrant worker in Japan has killed herself in Japan because according to her she got tired living due to many problems.

In a Facebook post that has been circulating on Facebook yesterday, a series of photos of a woman was compiled along with a suicide note.

The photos have been uploaded by community page Buhay Japan, and her note has been gaining mixed reactions from the netizens.

The note is translated from Filipino to English.

“Hello to all my friends, I am really sorry but I am really tired with my life. I’ve been enduring this for a long time already and I tried fighting it. But I thought of giving up. My salary isn’t enough. I know that some of you have helped me, including Ate Love. Sometimes I thought of committing suicide because I can’t take it anymore. But I am really grateful and I will miss you and I know that you will miss me too because I am the noisiest here.”

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