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Netizen Has Been Messaging Sondos' Cosmetic Brands That She’s Promoting To Cut Ties With Her

A Twitter user has recently revealed that she has been messaging Sondos Alqattan’s client to cut ties with her.

And, man, brands are replying to her!

Just in case you missed it, this Kuwaiti influencer had made a remark against the new law that benefits the entire Filipino domestic workers in the country.

Twitter user @iamdeejane18 showed a proof that she’s untiringly sending messages to cosmetic brands that Alqattan has been promoting in the past.

“Serves her right. What goes around, comes around. I will not get tired of sending dms to cosmetic brands she’s promoting until my voice is finally heard,” her caption read.

One of the brands that replied to her was the skincare and hair care production company PHYTO USA.

“We discovered at the same time as you the unacceptable remarks made by this influencer. Obviously, we categorically condemn these remarks because they go against the human values defended by our group, its history and its founder.

“This person speaks on her own behalf and we do not in any way want to endorse her remarks by allowing her name and image to be linked to our brands.

“Consequently, we asked our distributor in Kuwait to end his relationship with Ms. Sondos Alqattan if she does not withdraw her remarks,” the reply reads.

Below are the list of the brands that have so far cut ties with her.

Max Factor Arabia

“Sondos Al Qattan’s view on the new labor law in Kuwait are personal and do not represent neither the values nor the principles that Max Factor Arabia stands for,” their statement read.

Chealsea Beautique

M. Micallef


“We currently do not have any partnership with her and will no longer be working with her on any brand activities,” their statement read.

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