• O.G. Wright

New UAE Rules Established, But Which One Will Benefit Us Most?

Last night, the cabinet has established new rules that will not only enhance economic competitiveness but also help the residents.

From the mandatory deposit of AED 3,000 per worker, employers will just pay AED 60 annually per worker under new insurance system. It covers workers’ entitlement in terms of end of service benefits, vacation allowance, overtime allowance, unpaid wages, worker’s return ticket and cases of work injury, in which the insurance coverage amounts to AED 20,000 per worker.

With this, it allows businesses to recover approximately AED 14 billion.

The UAE cabinet also approves a two-year extension of the residency period of the dependents of their parents after finishing their university studies.

Transit passengers are all exempted from all entry fees for the first 48 hours, and AED 50 a day if they want to extend for up to 96 hours.

Those who have overstayed have a chance to leave the country voluntarily without a “no entry” passport stamp and without incurring a ban.

Job-seekers in the country who overstayed will have an option to get a 6-month visa.

Those who would want to renew their visas without having to leave and re-enter the country is now acceptable under the new rule.

People of determination have now access to the job market, allowing them to work for various sectors in the country.

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