• O.G. Wright

NOT A FAKE NEWS! Left Bottled Water In Car Can Start A Fire

This is not a hoax.

Your car may catch fire if you left bottled water in it.

This was proven when a short clip has gone viral on Facebook – showing a left bottled water in the front seat of a truck and started to create some smoke in upholstery, a potential start of a fire!

The water inside the bottled water acts as a lens as the sun shine deflects through it.

There was even a video that showed the bottled water creating slight burns on passenger's clothing.

But, with the natural ‘hot’ temperature in UAE, will bottled water cause fire?

According to hoax-slayer.net this will only occur given the right kind of plastic container and the right environmental conditions.

“A round plastic bottle filled with clear water can act as a lens that concentrates the sun’s energy on one point,” the article read.

Other contributing factors that lead to ‘car fire’ are angle of sunlight, shape and clarity of bottle, bottle full of water, and readily inflammable material.

“If the sun’s energy is concentrated through a water bottle on to combustible material, then it’s possible that fire could result,” the article added.

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