• O.G. Wright

OMG. UAE Employee Murders Boss Because He Didn’t Want To Increase His Salary

An employee here in Abu Dhabi was allegedly murdered by his own employee for refusing to increase his salary.

According to local reports, the Boss didn’t acknowledge what he and his employee talked about the Dh500 salary increment – thus the Pakistani employee used a meat cleaver to kill his Pakistani boss.

Reports added that the employee, who is now facing charges of premeditated murder and theft before the Abu Dhabi Court of First Instance, bought a meat cleaver with a friend.

He phoned his boss and asked him to meet in a remote area to pick something from a friend.

As they were inside the car on the way to “pick up something from a friend,” the employee pulled out the meat cleaver from under his clothes and hit the boss on the head and neck, which caused his death.

Residents saw the parked car and later reported the malicious incident to the police.

CCTVs in the area and in the store where the employee brought the meat cleaver helped to solve the crime.

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