• O.G. Wright

On Christmas Day: ‘We Miss Our Family Back Home And We Can’t Even Video Call Them Here In UAE’

OPINION: This season is supposed to be the most joyous one, especially for Catholics.

Christmas is celebrated annually to commemorate the birthday of Jesus Christ.

Family members across the globe celebrate this by getting together – under one roof.

Too bad, those who work abroad have no option but to make themselves busy at work because most countries don’t make it an official holiday.

For years of coping up with homesickness, one way to lessen it is to communicate with your loved ones via apps with video-calling service. It does not only lessen one’s homesickness, it also makes one forget all their obligations and responsibilities when they converse with their loved ones for a moment.

Here in the UAE, no single element has ever accessed video call on all available apps. It was banned by the UAE government because of certain issues.

While VPN is an option, it’s still not wise to use it, especially when you can’t afford to use the PRO version and access it swiftly.

Yesterday, December 25, was Christmas day. For sure, many have tried to use it – hoping they can enter the illegal passage and talk to their loved ones for just a moment.

While it obviously frustrates everyone here in the UAE, migrant workers (which is about 80 percent of UAE population) just cope with their sadness and heavy emotion.

UAE’s top priority is always its people. The country and these tech giants, such as Messengers, Skype, WhatsApp, among others, are now in talks to fix this issue but until now, the residents are still hoping for a quicker development.

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