• O.G. Wright

Over Php1-Billion Ultra Lottery In The Philippines… What Are The Odds of Winning The Game?

Millions of Filipinos and non-Filipinos are hopeful to win the over Php 1 billion prize in the Ultra Lotto 6/58.

But what are the odds of winning this game?

The Php 1 billion (around Dh68,000,000) prize has now become a historic jackpot prize and bettors cannot be stopped from playing!

To play the game, one must select a sequence of six numbers, in no particular order, from numbers one to 58.

In a Facebook post, Follow The Money Facebook page explained the odds of winning the prize pot in a not-so-complex equation.

The result?

There would be 0.00000247063% that you will win.

That means that there’s a higher probability that you’ll get struck by lightning – 0.00010416667% - than winning the lottery.

Meanwhile, this netizen unlocked a new way to win the game - and that's to borrow P809,507,160 from his online friends for a sure win.

While million people play this this game, some say that the national government should just use the money for the infrastructure in the Philippines.

Others suggest to give Php 1 million to each Filipino family, which can obviously cover.

If that happens, everyone will be one day millionaire!

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