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Paluto Restaurant

Restaurant that cooks what you deserve

Paluto Restaurant by Chef Boy Logro – Restaurant that cooks what you deserve

A seafood restaurant is making a noise in Dubai. And that’s Paluto Restaurant.

It’s located at the Waterfront Market.

The rule is simple: Buy the freshest seafood in the wet market in the area, and have it cooked how you like it at Paluto Restaurant.


While you’re travelling to the restaurant, you should think ahead of time the types of dish you want for the fishes you’re about to buy at Waterfront.

Paluto Restaurant has just one rule. "Get the fish cleaned first and we’ll cook it."

You can choose your squid to be deep fried (calamares) or grilled, or get both of it. They’ll also do fish and vegetable stew.

Different nationalities are patronizing the Paluto Restaurant.

When you're going to the place, you have to bring more patience as cooking will eat a little bit of your time.

Advantage of this restaurant? Well, you’re very sure that you’ll get served what you deserve, and that’s freshest dish from the kitchen!

Plan with your family members and friends to go here. Payment is AED 25 per kilo.

The exact location of Paluto Restaurant is inside the Waterfront Market, Al Khaleej Road, Abu Hail, Dubai.

For more information, you may call 054 581 2130. It’s open from 1 p.m to 12 midnight.

Map and directions here: here

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