• O.G. Wright

People On The Internet Are Defending Dubai Against False Reports of UK-based Tabloids

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

People are enraged about the latest mistake of UK-based tabloids such as The Guardian, Mail Online, among others, for falsely reporting the incident that happened with a Swedish mom in the Dubai International Airport.

Majority of the UK papers claimed that the Dubai immigration detained the woman for three days for drinking a glass of wine on an Emirates plain from London to Dubai.

These claims were very far from the true story because the woman, identified as Ellie Holman, was hold for having expired passport and was advised to pay for a certain visa fee to stay for the next 96 hours.

Holman became belligerent and took pictures of the immigration officers, which is not allowed even in other countries.

And this girl thinks she knows everything about Dubai.

Now that’s a good point.

Now, you have to avoid reading fake news.

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