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Peril 2: How Will The Mother Save The Child From The Dangers Of Online Gaming?

Updated: Sep 13, 2018

Kids these days can now download anything online easily whether it’s a song, movie, or game apps.

But more and more parents are becoming irresponsible towards monitoring their kids’ social media activities.

Just this year, there were a couple of local reports, saying minors had committed suicide because of playing a certain game – Blue Whale.

This was highlighted on the Peril 1, wherein the story revolves around a busy father and a curious daughter. The father, who was trying to balance work and life, becomes unaware of his kids’ social media whereabouts.

In an exclusive interview with Zenofer Fathima, the producer and director of the film, said that the Mom of the child will enter the scene, which will be portrayed by her.

The question is, will she be able to save the child? Is it late now to intervene?

The City Vibes sat with her recently to talk about the upcoming short film.

What inspired you to make Peril 2?

Well, the first was really very much accepted by the people out there and it has an important message because so many kids have been dying due to online games that really harm them. So, I thought instead of finishing the story in part one, let’s take a path to the exact message that how can we stop these kinds of dangers.

We all have to supervise our kids – what they are into and which online games are they accessing.

What were the problems that you have encountered when you directed the first part?

There was no major problem when I directed the first movie. It’s just that I also taught the child in the short film, but as a mother, it was not difficult at all to interact with a kid like her.

What’s your reaction that you’re not going to direct the second film and you will be one of the main casts?

See, there are a lot of roles I am doing – I’m producing the Peril 2, I am acting in the Peril 2. The person who will be directing the second part of Peril is the same person who directed the Power short-film which was became a hit also.

How long will be the film?

We’re planning to produce it around 15 to 20 minutes.

What’s the next project of Zen Productions?

We will give the clear message on the Peril 2. The next we’re planning to produce is a film about teenagers who suffer school bullying. We will also make a film that tells a story of a husband and a wife and how they face certain difficulties.

Will you be releasing full-length film soon?

Yes, we are. We’re planning to produce a full-length film probably mid 2019 so you should all watch out!

The Peril 2 will premiere on the second week of September. The video will be posted on Zenofer Production YouTube channel soon!


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