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Ramadan-and-budget-friendly destinations

Travelling now becomes essential for the majority. And travelling has become priority than splurging money to useless things.

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And since it’s Ramadan, some of you might think of destinations to be with to feel the vibe in other places where local Ramadan practices and customs are still being practiced.

Travel App Wego, through Gulf News, collected all five Ramadan-and-budget-friendly destinations.

Zanzibar, Tanzania

If you can’t take the heat in the country, you may tuck in at the Zanzibar Archipelago’s crystal blue waters and unspoilt white beaches.

Two-way airline ticket starts at AED 1,330 per person.

4-star hotel: AED 169 a night

Baku, Azerbaijan

This place is popular for its picture-perfect scenery as well as its delightful old-world charm. You can find outstanding cityscapes here if you’re fond of architecture and buildings.

Two-way airline ticket starts at AED 973 per person

4-star hotel: AED 100 a night

Amman, Jordan

The city of Amman is halal-friendly not to mention that this is a very peaceful place with historical ruins, museums, souks and mosques.

Two-way airline ticket starts at AED 1,150 per person

4-star hotel: AED 181 a night

Almaty, Kazakhstan

If you want to know why you should visit this, well, first it has great weather, and second, it has luxurious hammams. If you’re not into mountain hiking, you could try world-class ballet and opera shows at strikingly low prices. You can still experience snow at Medeu, an ice skating rink situated at an altitude of almost 1,700 meters.

Two-way airline ticket starts at AED 1,123 per person

4-star hotel: AED 134 a night

Alexandria, Egypt

Egypt is not only about huge pyramids and mummies! You can also visit the famous Library of Alexandria, where a copy of every book published in the world is kept. You may also visit some Roman catacombs, the site of the Pharos and a stunning Roman amphitheatre.

Two-way airline ticket starts at AED 1,300 per person

4-star hotel: AED 198

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