• O.G. Wright

Reminder To Halloween Party Goers In UAE: Don’t Drink In Public Places

Just a friendly reminder to those planning to join Halloween parties here in the UAE: never ever drink in public places.

It may be fun but UAE does not allow its people and even expats to drink adult beverages in public areas.

There are designated places where people can enjoy a drink or two, and that include bars, hotels, and home.

Organizing parties outside without permit is also a no-no in the country.

If you’re caught drunk driving, you have to prepare to pay a maximum fine of Dh20,000 and/or a jail term, 23 black points and confiscation of the vehicle for 60 days.

If a person is also caught drinking with no alcohol license, the punishment is imprisonment for a period of six months or a fine of Dh5,000 or both.

Last year, Saudi Arabia arrested several men and women after partying in the city of Jeddah. Unrelated men and women are not allowed to mix and alcohol is prohibited in the said country.

Just be sensitive with the local law and tradition of UAE.

Happy trick or treating everyone! xx

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