• O.G. Wright

Reminder: You’re Not Allowed To Solicit Money Through Social Media

Soliciting money here in the UAE is not allowed in all platforms – either through electronics or personal.

Only those with permit from the government are allowed to initiate this activity.

So, if someone approaches you to help a charity through social media, make sure that it’s not out of the legal channels.

UAE Atty. General Hamad Al Shamsi warned the residents against individual or entity that promote or call for raising donations through internet.

His department has been monitoring some cases online and has already referred to the Anti-Cyber Crimes Public Prosecution for investigation.

This undertaking may risk possibilities such as deception or funding of terror activities.

“The phenomenon harms the UAE whose humanitarian organizations set a good example of humanitarian and charitable work through legal channels,” he added.

If an offender is caught in the UAE, he may face a a 3-year jail time and a fine not less than AED 250,000 and not more than AED 500,000.

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