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REVEALED: Save a few dirhams when travelling

In case you don’t know, you can travel and save money at the same time. Travelling is not just all about splurging cash. We’re giving you the “secret” on how to save when travelling (domestic or international).

Everyone has definitely experienced it before – squeezing one’s budget to save more penny. But what if we collate all the necessary tools to evade all other unimportant expenses on your next getaway?

Hate Monday but not Tuesday

Tuesday is a sacred day in the world of air travel. Why? It is believed that if you travel Tuesday or Wednesday, you’ll probably get the cheapest flight of the week. Think about it, most travelers opt to travel on or before weekends. This time demands price up so the cheapest flight is only available during off-peak times.

Travel on off-season

Aside from saving more bucks, you can also avoid the herd of tourists. Everyone wants to enjoy the beach or a cruise when it’s warm and sunny in Europe. This time, a hoard of people travel and it also translates into higher prices of airline tickets. Search on Google when is the tourist season in the place you want to be in then nab a cheaper flight going there.

Email subscription may not bad at all

Some of the airlines inform their email list about any last-minute special and, who knows, you get the best deal going to your dream spot!

Who needs a hotel, anyway?

Staying in luxurious hotels are overrated. You can find great deals on short-term house rentals through Airbnb or VRBO. This is tried and tested, it’s time to ditch hotels, TBH.

Pack a lunch (or dinner)

Food that is being sold in airports is more expensive than outside. Cooking in your home or buying your own food is now in. You might want to consider this while waiting for your plane to arrive. Anyway, some airport securities allow people to bring their own food on a flight or in the check-in area.

No water (says who?)

You can’t bring liquids through security, that’s a fact. But you can bring an empty water bottle inside the check-in area. The security can’t reprimand you for filling your water bottle at a water fountain or fill station! And the fact that you’ll get dehydrated inside a plane because of the recycled air, you badly need water.

There’s no harm in asking

It may sound embarrassing, but you can ask a close friend to drop you at the airport. If you ask your friend, most likely, he’ll say yes. OF COURSE. What are friends for? You can also use the local transport (bus and train) if you really need to save. Most people do it because there are metro stations in major airports in Dubai. When you’ve arrived at your destination, google the mode of transportation where you can save. You need to search about the schedules of trains, buses and more. Take the monorail, subway or bus over a taxi.

Cut your meal cost using coupons

Apps like Groupon and Living Social have literally almost coupons for food to cut your cost in half. Another way to save is to use your Instagram app. Try searching using a certain hashtag for a specific location and if you find a food pic that entices you, message the restaurant and ask if they have special deals or happy hours.

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