• O.G. Wright

Several International Media Outfits Spread Fake News Against Dubai And It's Very Upsetting

Dubai, a city that hates fake news, is now a subject of fake news internationally.

It all started with the Swedish woman who entered the emirate and was questioned about her expired passport.

Several UK-based news publicist reported that the woman was held in Dubai for three days after having a glass of wine on an Emirate plane.

This, people, is not the reason why she was held in the airport.

Daily Mail, Telegraph, Evening Standard and even Guardian highlighted that the woman had just a glass of wine and was detained with her daughter.

The case had nothing to do with the glass of wine and it’s all about the woman’s refusal to pay visa fines, expired passport, and filming immigration officers in the restricted area.

“What a silly article. You can drink alcohol in Dubai at one of the thousands of bars, clubs and beaches. Alcohol is served on Emirates flights and airport terminals. How is this woman held in Dubai for drinking a glass of win?” a netizen wrote.

Below are the misleading articles written about the woman and Dubai:

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