• O.G. Wright

Simon Cowell In Hot Water After Choosing Marcelito's Song And Complaining It Was Too Predictable

Simon Cowell has landed in hot water after he commented on the final performance of Marcelito Pomoy, one of the grand finalists of Americas Got Talent: The Champions.

Marcelito, a Filipino, performed the classic Beauty And The Beast, a song that was chosen by Simon for him to perform in the grand finals as he revealed in the now-deleted vlog.

While thousands of viewers were stunned by Marcelito's final performance on the show including, Simon said that the performance was too predictable and that he was playing safe.

The reactions of the Filipinos online are mixed. Some say that based on Marcelito's performance, it was just mediocre. The majority said that Simon was always like this -- not choosing Asian to triumph in the show.

Marcelito admitting that Simon did choose his song. This vlog was already deleted by Simon.

Some even claimed that the show is a big fake talent competition.

Twitter user Rhiza said that although Simon chose the song for Marcelito, the latter still did a great job.

Just admit it, Simon.

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