• O.G. Wright

Some Bloggers In UAE Don't Need To Pay Licensing Fee

Bloggers and social media influencers in the UAE were confused recently with the latest news that they need to pay a certain fee for a license if they are to promote a brand.

But what’s the scope of the new rule? Do they really need to buy their own licence or can they still promote a brand without purchasing a license?

The City Vibes listed some of the important rules that need to be carried out by UAE-based social media influencers.

First off, there are three categories the National Media Council (NMC) has for them – Individual License, Partnership License, Influencer Agencies.

Individual License – Independent social media influencers must pay AED 15,000 to get this kind of license. An additional payment will be paid for the trade license.

Partnership License – This category is applicable for small entities made by friends or family – and also cost AED 15,000.

Influencer Agencies – Under this category, social media influencers don’t need to shoulder any amount to promote any local or international brands. They should just sign up with agencies which are certified by the NMC.

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