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Some Of The Heart-warming Stories Of Amnesty Seekers Yesterday That Will Make You Cry

Thanks to the UAE government, those illegal residents that have been trapped in the country because of expired visa were given a chance to change their lives and build a new one.

Below are some of the heart-wrenching stories of amnesty seekers yesterday.

Mother and 2 kids to fly back home

In a Gulf News report, the story of a family that has been stuck in the country was told.

The mother, Filipina, was left in the country with her two half-Pakistani children since last October.

They’re lives last year was better because of a Family business in Ajman until her husband wasn’t able to come back to UAE for six months due to financial-related problems.

Their business slowed down and they were all in husband’s visa.

Since her husband can no longer be with them, she has decided to come back home through the amnesty program so that her kids can continue studying.

“We’ll make new friends right away. Plus, I’d love to eat barbecue. My grandmother will see us for the first time. She used to see us on video chats only. But we’ll definitely miss a lot. I’ll miss my friends, Global Village, the malls,” one of the kids naively said.

Granny goes home after 20 years

A 76-year-old Pakistani national is finally go to her country after being stuck in the country for over 20 years.

The woman was hiding in her son’s house in Sharjah and arrived in the country on visit visa.

Her son’s reason why he let her mother stay in the country was because to take care of her as no one from their country will look after her.

“She always wished to go perform the Haj. And. She wishes to stay back in Pakistan and die in her home country,” the son was quoted as saying by Khaleej Times.

8 family members to start from scratch

A Nigerian family was one of those who have availed the amnesty program on August 1.

The family is composed of eight members and arrived in the UAE three years ago in a bid to build a business.

However, they lost their money and opted to stay here illegally.

“I couldn’t do anything as the overstay fines grew into large sums and I had no way to pay that. Now, I will regularize my status with a new sponso and will my family to Nigeria,” the head of the family said on a Khaleej Times report.

Bride seeks amnesty

A bride-to-be Filipina was among the many applicants yesterday in Abu Dhabi amnesty center, hoping to be repatriated before the weeks ends as her wedding will be on August 5 in the Philippines.

The bride, who entered the country on a housemaid visa, has been illegally staying in the country for more than four months.

“I want to exit the country as early as possible. I have already booked my ticket for tonight. My marriage is fixed on August 5, and I have to be home,” she said on a Khaleej Times report.

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