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Staycation At RAK Under 500 Including Kayaking, 3 Meals, Unlimited Adult Beverages

Updated: Jul 17, 2018

One of the reasons why we usually book a hotel because we want to pamper ourselves and pause for a moment from working endlessly.

We want a ‘peace of mind’ for a moment while also enjoying some rewarding facilities offered by a hotel.

While we’re satisfied with this set-up, doing other things such as kayaking, dipping in the beach and pool for a minimal budget is also available for a group of friends and family.

And luckily, we’ve found a budget-friendly package if you’re in need of a staycation away from the busy metropolitan Dubai.

We’ve experienced RAK Road Trip package of Bin Majid Acacia Hotel in Ras Al Khaimah.

For only AED 399*, they already have an ‘all-inclusive deal’ for a family of four (2 adult and 2 kids below 6 years old) which includes many things – from three buffet meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), unlimited beverages and adult drinks, beach and pool access, to a complimentary kayaking.

The package also includes free beach swimming in Bin Majid Beach Resort, which is just a few kilometres away from Bin Majid Acacia Hotel.

My team, The City Vibes, was booked to a junior suite, and I must say the place was decent enough for a 4-star hotel.

Just like any other hotel rooms, ours was cozy and it felt like a home away from home. The size inside is enough to fit me and my two other colleagues. It has one TV and multiple power outlets and just perfect because our phones were already drained from taking several selfies on the 45-minute drive from Dubai to Ras Al Khaimah.

After recharging our respective devices, we head down straight to a restaurant called Al Nakhla Restaurant on the ground floor.

The restaurant is huge and can accommodate more than a hundred guests and offers mostly different cuisines from Asia, Mexico, Italy, India, Arab countries and many other themes depending on the day.

Since we arrived very early, we were able to catch the breakfast timing and recharge ourselves with some pancakes, sausages and breads.

We arrived at Bin Majid Beach Resort before 12 noon by using our car. The hotel has its own free shuttle buses that leave every after one hour from the Acacia Hotel going to and from their beach resort.

The resort was very promising. They have a wide parking lot so you don’t need to worry if you opt to use your car than their shuttle.  

Just always bring all your necessary documents (which will be given at the Acacia Hotel) when you go to the beach resort to have a swift transaction.

The resort has this mini zoo that contains mostly by bird species.

For a second, I felt like I was not in the UAE because the area has many plants and trees. It felt like I was in a tropical country.

Few meters away from where I stood is the very clean beach of Ras Al Khaimah. This, I thought, is a very peaceful place where you can just enjoy yourself and stay away from the busy traffic and noisy city.

Although it was almost 50 degrees Celsius, I did not hesitate to swim in the wide and clean beach with my co-workers.

We had our lunch at the Oasis Restaurant which I guess is perfect for westerners. As a restaurant by the beach, I was expecting them to serve seafood but I was kind of disappointed.

But my disappointment on that matter was changed immediately to excitement when I knew that there are two bars where we can enjoy free and unlimited adult beverages until 6 in the afternoon as part of the package.

We tried the bar by the beach which is called Coconut Grove Beach Bar. We had Rum Coke, Screwdriver and Pina Colada – man the way it was mixed was too perfect for a summer like this!

While maintaining our composure after drinking some drinks, we then tried the resort’s swimming pool.

The pool is an alternative for those visitors who want to ship the beach.

It was some 5 feet deep and kids can enjoy a mini pool near the area.

Near the pool was another bar called Cabana Bar where we all had beers.

Before 6 pm, we then came back to the beach to try kayaking, which I guess, was not for us because we struggled to balance the boat and control it.

Nevertheless, we took amazing photos that we can brag about on our respective social media accounts.

We came back to Acacia Hotel tired but happy.

We cap off our day by eating Indian food at Al Nakhla Restaurant.

So, if you’re in need of a staycation away from Dubai, we suggest the RAK Road Trip.

You may book the package here.

For more information, you may contact this number: 8005700

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