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Talk Hang Restaurant

Updated: Jan 30, 2018

Affordable cuisines, very accessible place

Talk Hang Restaurant – Affordable cuisines, very accessible place

Talk Hang Restaurant will just persuade you to eat their Filipino food, and not surrender and knock you off.

Derived from Philippine’s initiative to stop the illegal activities of drug traffickers and addicts in the country – tokhang – the restaurant is a peaceful place to talk and hang out with friends and family members.

The interior and exterior of Talk Hang will remind Filipino expats of the Philippines as it sports the caricature of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte along with his personnel and achievements.

Whether you’re a Duterte Diehard Supporters (DDS) or a critic of the president, you will enjoy the variety of seafood, grilled meat and street food.

Their “all day breakfast” is one of the reasons why you should dine here. They have Tapsilog, Daingsilog, Chicksilog, Chicken Liverlog, Corned Beefsilog and Sisigsilog.

Talk Hang Restaurant is also serving different types of boodle fight options. They have Mini Seafood (good for 1-2 people for AED 99), Cajun Seafood (good for 2-3 people for AED 140), Bicolana Seafood (good for 2-3 people for AED 145), Pinoy Style (good for 3-4 people for AED 169) and Grilled Meat & Seafood (good for 6-8 people for AED 269).

It’s exact location is Tower B, Centurion Star, behind Day To Day Center, Deira City Center Area, Dubai.

Call 050 274 8408 for home deliver or additional information.

Map and directions: here

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