• O.G. Wright

TERRIFYING! A Filipina In Dubai Loses Eyesight After Kenyan 'Friend' Throws 2 Liters Of Acid

A Filipino receptionist in Dubai has lost her eyesight after a Kenyan throws a 2-liter acid on her face.

It was reported by gulftoday.com recently that the Filipino lady was at the residence of her 30-year-old Kenyan 'friend' to pick up her shoes she left the day before.

After settling inside the bedroom, the African lady got inside, with her was a 2-liter plastic bottle to be poured on the Filipina's face.

The deadly acid flowed down her shoulders, arms, hands, torso, and legs.

She was reportedly rushed to the hospital.

The incident caused the Filipina to go blind.

The Kenyan is now on the Dubai Court of First Instance — and getting slapped with seven years in jail and an immediate deportation.

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