• O.G. Wright

The Advantage Of Being Single On Valentine's Day In Dubai

To make you feel better, there are a lot of things to be thankful for when you're celebrating Valentine's Day alone here in Dubai.

Below are the things that we should be thankful for being single on Valentine's Day in Dubai.

1. Most of your flatmates are out

What's greater than spending a me-time in your room, free from your nagging friends? Oh, well, they're probably eating somewhere else with their partners and if you're alone you can do whatever you want. Or sleep early. Why not?

2. Free chocolates

If you don't have a date today, chances are you're going to share with your roommate the chocolates she received.

3. Seat reservation

Since you're all alone and not planning to go out, you're not going to worry for table reservations unlike those couples who would be begging restaurants for a seat.


If you have an ample time to chat with singles like you, you can always lean on dating apps such as Tinder since it's better way to find a less-creepy guy there than in real life.

5. More money on your pocket

You won't have to impress someone with mediocre ideas such as dates, chocolates, and roses. Like, duh?

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