• O.G. Wright

The Day After Valentine's Will Leave You With Many Unanswered Questions

Note: This review contains several spoilers. You have been warned.

If there is one lesson that the Filipino film The Day After Valentine’s wants the audience to realize is that not always you do with someone you love will always be reciprocated.

The movie tells the story of Lani (Bella Padilla) and Kai (JC Santos). The one is a repairer and the other is a broken thing.

Director Jason Paul Laxamana has shown many things in the movie but the most important things are left unexplained.

He focused more about the love story of the two main actors that he forgets to tell where they are coming from.

Some movies left questions in the end and make people conclude. But this movie has left many questions, just like how things unfold and how it turns out to be that way.

Laxamana was not able to put the backstory of both characters. It was like being served with a food that you never ordered and the waiter forced you to eat it.

Sure, the director wants to focus more about the ‘hugot’ lines, but he wasn’t able to explain why Lani likes Baybayin, why is she sporting that fashion, and why does Kai’s hair is so long, and other things that may connect about their present lives.

Instead of talking more about the ancient writing script of the Philippines (which, by the way, the majority of Filipinos don’t know), the story delved more about telling the tourist spots in Hawaii, where Kai lives and his family members.

But the good thing about the movie is that it showcases the realities that often people experience in real life.

Take it from Lani who repaired the broken Kai.

The scars of Kai on her back is a foreshadow that she, who is a very strong-willed woman, is also a broken thing that needs to be fixed.

It shows that even the strongest people have a dark side and that side is better left unsaid.

The film rolls giving more meaning about the topic of depression not in a melodramatic way.

There were also three parts to the story that viewers might notice. Few of the first camera shots were a bit shaky, which is just the same as the situation of Kai. The second part shows the stability of both the camera and the characters; whereas the third act went back to being shaky – the same as the situation.

The Day After Valentine's movie will be shown in UAE cinemas.

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