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The Pizza Company – Reef Mall: We’re Actually Impressed!

The Pizza Company has recently opened its latest branch inside the Reef Mall in Deira, Dubai and the excitement it brings to the people around the area is just as extreme as their food!

A few weeks after it opened, The City Vibes has visited the restaurant to get to know what’s the difference of the branch from the rest.

Upon entering the area, I see a much huge area than its other branches I’ve recently visited. Just like in other branches, the staff in their latest branch are very welcoming – it was as if they’re offering you to come to their house and try their mom’s specialty. I had that feeling.

Al Khaja Group's Marketing Manager Ms. Carielle Catajay welcomed our team and pampered us inside the karaoke room of the said branch. The room’s brick wall is peppered with graffiti, and photos of popular and iconic Filipino and other international albums and singers. There was even a note that says ‘Trust me, you can sing.’ Every corner is worth one or two selfies!

While we’re busy chatting, my other colleagues were already belting their favorite piece and I was busy choosing what I would have to quench my pizza cravings.

We’ve served first with starters – Spicy Buffalo Chicken Wings, Fried Cheese Sticks and Multigrain Chicken.

As a person who likes to eat spicy food every day, I pour more hot sauce on the buffalo wings because that’s how it’s supposed to be eaten in our province (Albay). You make spicy spicier. While my colleagues kept on complaining spicy the dish was served, I savor the spiciness in one corner.

The multigrain chicken is better dipped on their specially-made sauce. It wasn’t spicy but they actually complement each other.

I specifically requested their Spaghetti Bolognese because I haven’t tasted their version although I’ve already visited their other branches a couple of times already. There’s something special about their Bolognese sauce that differs from other leading pizzerias. But one thing is for sure, I will try their version once I visit them again.

We’ve also ordered Shrimp and Romaine Lettuce Salad which comes with spicy lime dressing, Penne Chicken and Lasagna.

We’ve also gotten to taste one of their latest pizzas – Pizza With Beef Sliced And Crab Stick. Man, it was my first time to taste a slice of pizza with crab stick. It’s a breath of fresh air and I commend the guy behind it for making an ordinary pizza more exciting.  

The only dessert that I have tasted and liked was the Ice Cream Volcano Cake that was also my colleagues' favorite because of the surprise inside the cake. It’s not disgustingly moist when you feel it inside your mouth.

While we’re still finishing our leftovers, my friends continued belting songs. And as I was observing the area, I thought that the private room can accommodate more than 20 people and host small events like birthdays or company dinner/lunch.

The entire pizzeria can sit around 120 customers.

“It’s very positive. The sales are doing well too even if we just opened it recently. Our loyal customers in Al Rigga are also very happy with the news that we have finally opened.

“The success of the opening three weeks ago has also helped us a lot. Different media and influencers are contacting us as they would also like to experience our newly-launched menu at The Pizza Company,” Waleed Ezz, F&B Director of Al Khaja Group said.

The company has recently shut down their branch in Al Rigga due to an increase of rent issue.

He revealed that within the next three months, they will be opening another seven pizza houses. 

Contrary to a review published on Facebook recently by a Filipino social media influencer, the staff of The Pizza Company are very attentive and are making sure to deliver excellent service to ensure customer's satisfaction. 

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