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The Ultimate Saving Tips If You’re Living In UAE

Understandably, working and saving in the UAE may be difficult for some. Others find it hard to save because, not to mention the affordable items on sale, are distracting them from saving money for the future.

It has been reported that 80 percent of UAE residents last year are not saving for their retirement and the sad part is majority are guilty of this.

To address this, we’re giving away effective and tried tips to save money in the UAE.

Track your expenses

The first step to save money is to know how much you spend on a monthly basis. This means that you need to write down all the things that you have brought the entire day, from a cup of coffee, mobile recharge, lunch meal, to grocery. Once you have all the numbers, organize them by categories – such as groceries, gas, food, rent, and get the total amount. You also need to get the amount of the things that you have purchased using cards.

Pack your own lunch

Although you can buy a AED 15 meal outside your office, it is still expensive when you add it. If you’ll compute, you’ll spend about AED 450 every month just for your lunch. Imagine if you will cook a healthier lunch and saving at the same time?

Bring your own tumbler

With the VAT in the UAE, you can’t find a 50 fils bottled water now. But if you bring your tumbler, you’ll save around AED 30 every month.

Unsubscribe from marketing emails

If you’re always get tempted to purchase what you see online, it’s time for you to unsubscribe from them. They’re not helping you to focus on saving. Just don’t mind if there’s a AED 1 watch on your Facebook!

Connect to free Wi-Fi

If you’re a prepaid user and outside and want to register on data bundles, why don’t you turn on your Wi-Fi device and know if there are free Wi-Fi around before subscribing to a paid connection. All metro stations and some malls in Dubai have free and fast Wi-Fi.

Find a remittance center or money transfer service with best rates

Since it’s the top priority of many expats here, finding a remittance center or a money transfer service that offers the best money rate is a must. Instant Cash Global Money Transfer is highly recommended if you’re a Filipino expat and wants to send money to the Philippines. Aside from having always the highest peso rate, they also have the lowest sending fee which is AED15 only. The said money transfer service is available at more than 600 money exchange centers across the country.

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