• O.G. Wright

These Dubai Hotel Staff Are Not Permitted To Say ‘Mam Sirrr’

It’s not impossible not to be greeted by ‘Hello Mam Sir’ if you visit malls or hotels in Dubai. I tell you.

This scenario has been a normal “thing” here not until this hotel mandated its staff to be politer by not greeting their customers Mam or Sir.

Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Waterfront staff are forced to call their customers by their first names.

It’s an in-house challenge for the staff.

Starting July 1, every staff should know the names of their customers otherwise they’ll be fined AED 25 per slip.

It will be a group effort. The winner will get the total fine and spend it for their “ultimate weekend trip.”

To implement this properly, a team will be monitoring the staff about their behavior and greetings.

This challenge will run for three weeks and the hotel is planning to continue ditching the traditional greetings after the trial.

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