• O.G. Wright

These Dubai Residents Are Fighting Over Chocolate… Through Sticky Notes!

Living in a shared room is one way to save, but problem arises if one becomes too sensitive!

Just like what happened with these Dubai residents who obviously living in a shared room.

They exchanged heated arguments through sticky notes.

“Whoever eats my chocolate, shame on you! We’re all getting our salaries here. If I caught you on the CCTV, you’ll see,” the first message read.

The anonymous reply (who I believe the one who took his/her chocolate) came.

“Don’t accuse people falsely! Your face is thicker! That’s just chocolate! I can even buy you more now that I got my salary! The flattops aren’t that good!” the reply read.

The former hilariously replied: “You’ve already eaten it all and you’re still the one that is angry!”

While this is just a minor incident, others tend to take other stuff like kitchen ingredients, utensils, among others.

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