• O.G. Wright

This Art Piece Sums Up What We Have Gone Through The Month of Jan 2020

An art piece is January in a nutshell.

It was drawn by a Filipino artist named Joshua Cabrera and in the artwork are things that the entire humanity has gone through.

Letter J symbolizes the bushfire in Australia that killed thousands of poor animals in the wild and 23 residents.

A represents the volcano in the Philippines that afflicted thousands of families in the Philippines. Due to the eruption, the capital of the country had also experience ashfalls.

N is for the conflict between the US and Iran. The US has killed a top general that caused tension.

Letter U represents the debris in Turkey after it was shocked with a 6.7 magnitude earthquake. The deadly earthquake killed 36 and hospitalized at least 1,600 residents.

R is for the Novel Coronavirus that keeps on spreading from different countries. It was originated in Wuhan, China. As of this writing, the death toll in this outbreak has risen to 106 with 1,291 confirmed cases.

Y is when Kobe Bryant's chopper crashed and killed him and his daughter. Many fans of the basketball superstar were devastated upon hearing this news.

January needs to end before it ends us all.

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