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This Celebrity Dad Shows How Painful The Traffic Is In the Philippines Just To Catch Son’s Bed Time

A celebrity dad sums up on Instagram story how traffic in Manila, Philippines affects his bonding time with his son, and it’s really painful to watch.

Drew Arellano, a media personality in the Philippines, through IG story lets the world know how excruciating the traffic is in his country just to be with his son before he gets to sleep.

“Whenever I travel back from biyahe, I try to make it home before Primo’s (the son) sleeping time which is around 7-7:30 pm,” he said on his first story.

And since they expect the traffic to be serious during rush hour, he opted to run instead of getting stuck in the traffic.

In one of his stories, he showed the traffic situation on the road and it looks full-pack.

Arellano had two kilometers to go before reaching his house and it’s already 7:08 in the evening.

Determined to have a bonding with his son, he just keeps on running.

“Focus, Drew! You have a few mins left before Primo falls asleep. Hurry up and run!” the story reads.

Finally, at 7:20, he gets to arrive in his house all sweat and fortunately his son is still wide-awake waiting for his dad.

“Mission accomplished. EDSA pollution was so worth it. Anything for Primo,” he wrote.

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