• O.G. Wright

This Cleaning Product From Dubai Is Claiming To Wipe Out Coronavirus

A cleaning product that is widely used in the country is claiming to kill coronavirus. Or is it really true or they're not just letting the marketing opportunity slip?

People have been debating over a post on Reddit by a certain u/Jazon-X wherein he showed a photo of Dettol with claims that it can wash-away coronavirus.

And nope, Dettol did not take the opportunity to promote their products amid the outbreak. The description has been there for years already.

In its complete description, they are proven to remove e coli, salmonella, MRSA, rotavirus, flu virus (H1N1), cold viruses (human coronavirus and RSV).

But does it really kill the new coronavirus?

In an interview by Khaleejtimes to a Dettol representative, the interviewer said that while their product has been tested to thwart some coronavirus strains, such as which causes the common colds, their products have not been tested against the lethal Wuhan strain yet as they have no access yet to the virus.

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