• O.G. Wright

This Kind-Hearted Emirati Man Pays Dh10,000 Fine To Save A Mom From Being Jailed

Arabs may have the loudest normal voice. But they also have the biggest and softest heart.

This was tested when an Emirati policeman helped a mother of infant from being jailed and instantly paid her Dh10,000 fine.

The husband of the mother with a 7-month-old child owns private company but it was registered under the wife's name.

The firm faced financial problem – and the husband and wife were summoned in a police station for questioning.

Both shocked, they were told to pay Dh10,000 otherwise the wife, whose name appears as the company owner, will be jailed.

“I called my friends but I couldn’t raise the money. I was hopeless. My wife would be in jail and I didn’t know what to do because I have a 7-mont-old child. It was a difficult situation. I even asked them to put me in jail instead her,” the Arab husband told Gulf News.

Emirati Policeman Lt. Abdul Hadi Al Hammadi entered the scene and offered to help after witnessing the husband being hopeless.

Five minutes later, he brought them the receipt signaling that the fine has already been waived.

“He gave me the document and asked me to finish the procedure and go home with my wife saying he had paid the money. What he did is beyond imagination. I was hopeless but the noble Emirati officer was like a candle in the dark. I am so thankful to him,” the husband added.

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