• O.G. Wright

This Sassy Masjid In The Philippines Was Painted Pink To Symbolize Peace, Love, and Humanity

This pink masjid could be the sassiest masjid in the whole wide world! And this can only be found on the Philippine island!

Masjid Dimaukom is a mosque in Datu Saudi Ampatuan, Maguindanao, the Philippines.

The mosque's construction was financed by Datu Saudi Ampatuan Mayor, Samsodin Dimaukon.

The mosque was painted pink to symbolize peace and love and was built by workmen to symbolize unity and inter-faith brotherhood.

But there's a haunting and dark side behind this.

The mayor who built this was gunned down in 2016 together with his convoy during a clash with police officers at a checkpoint.

The police authorities received a tip that the former mayor was delivering a huge amount of methamphetamine or shabu in their local language to the province.

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