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This Singer Loses Voice Minutes Before Hitting Dubai Stage

Last night, thousands of Dubai people witnessed a concert in Dubai for the very first time where the main performer asks for a few minutes before staging her concert because she lost her voice.

This happened to Morissette Amon, A Filipina singer, during her first Morissette Is Made international concert, which happened on August 17, at the Dubai World Trade Center (DWTC).

Before appearing to her UAE fans, a lot of production numbers have been performed by performers from the Philippines.

While the performances were very entertaining, fans were wondering why there were a lot of unintended period of silence.

It took at least more than an hour before Sam Concepcion, a Filipino singer, took the stage to perform as the main front act.

He explained that there were certain things that cannot be avoided during live shows and that the concert will be pushed through despite of delayed performance from the main performer.

Amon then emerged before her thousands of fans.

She said, with her hoarse voice, that she lost her voice and was clueless why it happened with her and why exactly on her major concert.

She then explained that she already took a medicine to have her voice back and be able to perform to her fans who have travelled from other emirates and countries in the Middle East.

Fans showed their support to Amon and cheered for her before going back at the back stage.

Her fans were very understanding and waited Amon for less than an hour – and man, she slayed the night with her ever eminent and distinguished voice.

Despite of what happened with her voice, she gave justice to her performances as if nothing happened.

Her performance in Dubai has trended third on Philippine Twitter through the #MorissetteIdMadeDubai hashtag.

Her fans online said that Amon is talented and professional performer.

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