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This Woman Drinks And Eats Soda And Salty Food EVERYDAY And Gets This

A netizen has shared her unfortunate experience upon drinking soda and eating salty food every single meal.

Marilyn Labastida Ayeras, on her confession on Facebook, narrated how she almost died of consuming unhealthy food.

She has undergone a major operation to have her several stones removed from gallbladder.

She said that during her senior year in high school, she felt something wrong with her chest and always experiencing pain from time to time.

“It has been part of my day to drink RC (a Filipino soda brand) or any softdrinks in the morning with junkfoods,” she said on Facebook.

She also consumed soda every night to regulate her blood menstruation which, according to her, was an effective method.

“During college, the pain continued but I just shrugged it off. The pain forced me to puke every time I ate something so I became dependent with sodas. I won’t eat before without taking soda or eating salty food,” she added.

She also confessed that she doesn’t eat any vegetable and there were even times when she couldn’t sleep because of the pain.

Ayeras said she had consulted with various hospitals but got scared from being operated and just this month, she decided to have her growing stones removed because her doctors warned her that the stones might kill her in no time.

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