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Top 10 Reasons Why UAE Residents Should Watch Filipino Film BuyBust

The film that was tagged as the best Filipino film 'BuyBust' of the century mirrors the current situation of the Philippines.

This tells a story of a drug squad members fighting for their lives in a maze-like place in Manila. The drug bust became epically wrong and the story revolves how will they scape the ‘hell’ while impatiently waiting for the rescue. 

Those who are blinded before by the war-on-drug issues realize how chaotic the Philippines is even now that President Rodrigo Duterte reigns.

Top-billed by Anne Curtis and Brandon Vera, the movie BuyBust is directed by award-winning director Erik Matti.

Below are the top 10 reasons why UAE residents should watch this film in order to understand the current standing of the country:

1. Best film by far. Not to join bandwagon, but I believe this is the best fil so far to portray a country’s downside. It may not tackle the entire and realest drug problem in the Philippines, at least we get to see a glimpse and that it is totally okay.

2. Brave cast. Up until now, I couldn’t fathom how Anne Curtis did all the stunts in a steep lane, how she fought villains, and endure the deafening gunshots. Meanwhile, in case you don’t know Brandon Vera, he’s also good at acting and with fighting scenes, thanks to his mixed martial arts career.

3. Great setting. Talk about real ‘eskinita’ in the Philippines. The scene looks exactly like an eskinita where big crimes are committed and get unreported. I was also informed that the eskinita was just made by the crew and not the real one.

4. It speaks the truth. This film does not only speak the truth – it also tells the fight the Philippine government is facing. It also shows the fight that every Filipino resident is battling out – several battles that you don’t know who’s the villain or who’s the protagonist.

5. Lupang Hinirang. The show plays the Lupang Hinirang, the national anthem of the Philippines, where the land is infested with crimes illegal drug trades.

6. Forget about breathing. You’ll find yourselves holding breathe as fight scenes engulf the screen.

7. Shaky? According to some reviews, some of the scenes in the movie was very unstable due to the camera effects. But I don’t see it as shaky, I see it as a creative way of shooting some scenes.

8. Hands down to over-all production. Talk about cinematography, editing, stunts, designs, MUSIC and natural acting – they’re all superb. I must say that this should be screened in the international arena so Filipinos can be proud of how captivating the story, plot, cast are.

9. Extras have done extra. The extras have also contributed a lot to the film. You’ll know why and how if you watch the film.

10. The message. There is a message at the ending that viewers must decode.

BuyBust film is now showing in UAE cinemas. 

BuyBust film is now showing in UAE cinemas.

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