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Trolls Attacking This Page For Narrating Filipinos’ Way Of Dressing In UAE

A growing satire page based in Dubai is now facing a backlash after it posted a 4:19-minute video narrating how normally Filipinos dress in the country.

In its latest episode, Sabi Ni Donna page has tackled Filipino's fashion in the UAE despite of different matters including THE weather.

The host enumerates six things that mostly Filipinos are guilty of doing.

There is the moment when they wear winter coats in the middle of summer, wearing short shorts, donning designer’s clothes, wearing fake materials, overdressing, and wearing sportswear no for no apparent reason.

The video was uploaded on October 28 and so far, it has already been viewed more than 300,000 times, shared by almost 3,000 accounts, and received over 600 mixed remarks.

Some Filipinos open-mindedly reacted to the video, saying that all of it are true.

One comment read: “Totoo yan. Meron akong nakasabay todo jacket pang winter pauwi ng Pinas, eh di ang huli tagaktak ang pawis ng loko.”

[This is true. I saw one wearing a thick jacket going to the Philippines. That dude was sweating!]

Another one: “Ang daming ganyan dito sa UAE. Sumasabay sa pormahan ng ibang lahi na may ibubuga naman at pang bili sa mga luho nila. That’s the reality at least naipapahayag ni Ate na ganyan ang reyalidad ditto. Yung iba nega na mag-comment alam na tinatamaan.”

[There are many people like that here in the UAE. They’re trying to go with the trend with other nationalities. That is the reality; at least the host gets to discuss this reality. Others comment negatively, they’re obviously guilty of this.]

While the Sabi Ni Donna’s latest episode received a lot of positive feedback, many have expressed their disgust.

“Walang pakialamanan kung kaya ng bulsa nila hayaan nyo na lang at hindi naman satin hinihingi ang panluho nila. Mga OFW gawin niyo kung ano gusto niyo. Maiksi lang buhay natin. Kung saan kayo masaya, suportahan ko kayo.”

[If they can afford it, let them buy those unnecessary stuff. My dear OFWs, just do what you like. Life is too short. I’ll support your happiness.]

“So? Ano ang purpose nito? Para na rin pinahiya yung ibang tao just because of their looks sa kung ano man ang porma nila. Excuse me hindi pare-pareho ang taste ng tao. May taong sobrang conservative manumit mayroon din over sexy ng wala sa lugar kasi doon sila comfortable. Tao nga naman, pati pananamit big issue na!”

[So? What’s the purpose of this? You just put your countrymen in shame because of the way they dress. Excuse me, not all people resort to one fashion. There are people who are conservative and there are those who wear sexy outfit but they’re at least comfortable with it. Is this another big issue?]

Meanwhile, many resorted to troll the account. Some hide in fake accounts just to call out the team who made the video. Some attack them personally.

While others leave nasty comments, the page has grown continually. From 7,000 followers, it has already grown to 11,000 in a matter of few weeks.

In its description, the Sabi Ni Donna describe its page as "a satirical page which contains various parodies on different events. The goal of the page is to deliver entertainment to Filipinos, especially those who are working overseas."

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