• O.G. Wright

UAE Residents’ Favorite Brands Have Been Revealed, Find Out Which Made The Cut

You wouldn’t believe this.

The top favorite brands of UAE residents are not Google nor WhatsApp.

It’s an airline company!

*pretends to be shocked*

It’s the Emirates airlines!

The local brand has been assessed based on quality, value, impression, satisfaction, reputation – and whether the respondent of the survey would recommend it.

The survey was conducted by YouGov recently.

Below is the complete list of the brands that made the cut on the said survey this year in UAE.

1. Emirates

2. Google

3. WhatsApp

4. YouTube

5. Samsung

6. Apple

7. Almarai

8. Facebook

9. Apple iPhone

10. Carrefour

Meanwhile, in the global context, below are the brands that included in the top 10 favorite brands.

1. Google

2. YouTube

3. Samsung

4. WhatsApp

5. Facebook

6. Amazon


8. Colgate

9. Uniqlo

10. LEGO

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