• O.G. Wright

UAE Vlogger Proves That You Don’t Always Have To Believe What The Media Tells About Pakistan

If there’s one thing that popular Emirati vlogger has to learn during his short trip to Pakistan is that people shouldn’t always believe what the mainstream media tell about a country or a community.

In a video, he shares first-hand experience in visiting Pakistan, a place where many people have negative perceptions. The Emirati national seems to be totally smitten by its people and beauty, which he reveals he “in love with Pakistan and its incredible people.”

The 12-min video shows him traveling the capital, Islamabad, going to malls, praying in Faisal Mosque, eating local kebabs and visiting snowy mountains.

“One of the greatest lessons I have learned from this trip is don’t always believe what the media tells you about a country or a community, visit for yourself, see for yourself and more often than not you will be surprised by the kindness, beauty, and hospitality you will experience,” he said in the video.

Khalid asks a couple of Pakistani what word would they describe their people to which they responded with “hospitable”, “welcoming”. “technicolor (diverse)”, “beautiful”, and “over-loving”.

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