• O.G. Wright

UAE Warns Residents Against The Use Of Poorly Manufactured Devices To Prevent Fire

Still got that phone that you brought for only Dh5?

You might want to throw it away as it may cause fire in the long run.

Abu Dhabi Police, in a statement on their official Facebook account, warned residents against using poorly manufactured home appliances.

They urged that preventive action be taken at home in order to keep everyone safe.

Col. Ibrahim Ali Jalal Balushahi, Director of Rapid Intervention Department said that fire is caused by some poor electrical wiring and lack of knowledge of individuals.

He called on the residents against the use of cheap devices, extension wires, periodic maintenance of cabling and electrical equipment, leaving cooking oil near the source of fire, and loading electrical plugs from extensions above its capacity.

“When you leave the house for long period, keep matches and candles out of children.

“When you smell gas, it’s advised not to create a fire or turn on the lights or any source of sparks. Close the leakage and contact the command and control center via phone 999,” Balushahi said.

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