• O.G. Wright

UAE WINTER: We Become More Vulnerable To Health Risks When The Climate Fluctuates

The climate in the UAE is slowly changing.

No more scorching heat. Day by day, residents are feeling the winter season.

But did you know that a person becomes more vulnerable to health risks when the climate fluctuates or transitions?

According to Dr. Wendyliza Sarcia-Paz, general practitioner at the Klinika Maharlika, many prevalent diseases are linked to climate changes from cardiovascular diseases to respiratory illnesses, as these variations affect the development, survival, reproduction, and livability of disease pathogens, hosts, and their interaction with human beings.

“Normally, infections by bacteria and viruses in the body are kept under control by the immune system. Antibodies present in the body are capable of fighting all of them successfully. But when the immune system is low, these organisms multiple rapidly and cause illnesses like common cold, fever, [among others,]” the Filipina doctor said.

Dr. Paz also further explained that some are more vulnerable to the risks of contracting diseases due to their lack of ability and resources to effectively respond to the stresses and challenges imposed on their health.

Other factors that affect one’s immune system include stress (in work or at home), inadequate sleep, lack of physical exercise, and irregular or improper diet.

Dr. Paz mentioned some of the vital factors on how to prevent this:

-Maintain good hygiene and wash hands several times a day

-Ensure oneself to get enough hours of sleep (6 to 8 hours a day)

-Make sure to get plenty of fresh air and exercise through outdoor activities

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