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Ultimate guide for newbie expat in Dubai.

Every single day, a hoard of tourist visas come to Dubai hoping to change their lives and their families’ back home.

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But before venturing the corporate world, you should know first the basics here.

And now you’re already here in Dubai, your next question is: what’s next?

Looking for a work

First, if you go here for work, you should prepare an updated CV or curriculum vitae that consists all your previous works and achievements so far. Almost all the companies don’t accept hard-copy anymore, they want it to be sent on their emails. You might want to check dubbizle.com – companies regularly post vacancies there.


The moment that you are hired, you will be required to forward certain documents (attested by your country/embassy). Your essential documents need to be attested by the UAE Embassy. Please also prepare multiple copies of colored passport-sized photos with white background. If you don’t have it, don’t worry because you can locate nearby shops almost everywhere.

Emirates ID

The national ID or Emirates ID is very essential. Your company will provide you with this. Never lose your card because it already replaces labor and health card. This very important card contains your name, address, photo, date of birth and fingerprints. You need this to complete your residence visa application.

Salary Certificate

Salary certificate is needed to apply on certain things, such as getting credit card or loan. It should be on company headed paper and must be signed and stamped to make it official.

Document copies

Before signing any document from your company read all what’s written on the paper. When you have no objection, sign it. But if you don’t understand or the initial agreement wasn’t present on the paper, don’t sign it until you speak with the management. It is also very important to keep copies of various other documents, cards, licenses and certificates.


You may also require a certain document here in Dubai called No Objection Certificate or NOC. This document states that your company has no objection to you renting a home, applying for a license, buying a car, and so on. The document should have company headed paper, your name, position, and passport number, and should be signed and stamped with the company’s official stamp.

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