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Updated list of COVID-19 fines in the UAE


  • Individuals who refuse mandatory hospitalisation

  • Failure to adhere to home quarantine

  • Failure to comply with quarantine instructions in a private quarantine facility

  • Commercial centres/educational institutes/cinemas/sports facilities/amusement parks/hotels/beaches etc who violate the instructions of opening hours (50k fine plus closure for one month) and AED5k for the person in charge of the centre

Repeated fines: Violating home quarantine procedures under the electronic tracking system by committing any of the following acts

  • Not installing the smart app or carrying the smart device for tracking cases (AED10k)

  • Hacking the app system or smart device for tracking cases (AED20k)

  • Not informing the call centre about any loss of damage of the electronic smart device within 24 hours (AED10k)


  • Violation for private tutorial, AED30k for whoever provides or facilitates private tutorial


  • All commercial activity, (commercial centres/educational institutes/cinemas/sports facilities/amusement parks/hotels/beaches etc) who fail to set up thermal scanners

  • Failure of accredited health labs to report information regarding those subjected to an exam to the relevant authorities in accordance with instructions from the relevant authorities

  • Violation for hosting private tutorial, AED20k for whoever allows or facilitates tutorial at private places

  • Violating the protection of personal data of COVID patients, including those who have received treatment, broadcasting or publishing info of patients


  • Violations of restrictions of gatherings, meetings and private and public celebrations in public places, private farms and homes

  • For those who invite or organise gatherings, (AED10k) for each participant, (AED5k)


  • Violating preventative measures related to arrivals in the UAE from countries affected by communicable diseases (AED5k)

  • Violating instructions related to the health and personal hygiene of workers within establishments of shared residence of workers

  • Violating regulations relating the burial or transfer of the body of any person who dies from a communicable disease

  • Fines for not wearing masks: At a workplace and shared residence for workers, AED5k for the person in charge of the facility, AED500 for the worker

  • Not disinfecting public/private vehicles (taxis)

  • Failure to take a test by order of the authorities

  • Failure to comply with standards of secure information at public or private healthcare facilities or breaching them


  • Exceeding the number of passengers allowed in a vehicle. Currently, no more than 3 people are allowed, the driver and two passengers, EXCEPT for members of the same family or up to second-degree relatives. The driver incurs the fine.

  • Failure to maintain social distance  (AED3k)

  • Not wearing your face mask – in an indoor public place, shopping mall or on public transport. Not wearing your mask while walking or jogging in crowded, dense outdoor public places (AED3k)

  • Failing to remove any temporary luggage, clothes and other items which may have been contaminated by a pathogen and which are possibly infected (AED3k)

  • Visiting healthcare for unnecessary situations or invalid reasons (AED3k)

  • Not complying with curfew hours (AED3k)


  • Violating instructions related to the health and personal hygiene of workers within establishments or shared residence areas of workers (AED1k)

  • Violating the instructions regarding the use of chemicals (cleaning, sterilisation, disinfection and pesticides) or the type of material used (AED1k)

  • Violating instructions in relation to the transporting or storing of food, healthcare, veterinary, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, pesticides or other materials (AED1k)

  • Retaking a COVID test at an accredited lab within two weeks, without a valid reason (AED1k)


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