• O.G. Wright

Want To Avail UAE Amnesty But With Police Case? Here’s What You Need To Do

It has been announced by UAE officials that only those who have violated immigration law shall benefit the 3-month amnesty program which set to kick off on August 1.

Those with civil and police case are not covered – only if you don’t make a move!

A report by Gulf News has recently published to give hope to those who are stuck due to some legal cases that hinder them from getting the amnesty program.

Below is the step-by-step guide on clearing cases due to loan or bounced cheque according to award-winning Filipino lawyer, Atty. Barney Almazar.

Communicate – Talk to you bank and request available settlement option for your debt. Better ask for one-time payment in black and white.

Pay – Once everything that you’ve requested has been granted, proceed with the payment. Be sure that the settlement letter includes a provision where the bank will withdraw the case against you after paying them.

Clearance letter – Once you’ve already paid, request a clearance letter and show it to the bank’s lawyer and secure a release letter.

Release Letter – Show the release letter to the police as a proof that your case has been dropped out already. The police officer can clear the case before you.

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