• O.G. Wright

Whatever Your Religion Is, Kerala Needs Our Prayers

India needs two things: help and prayers.

Thousands of people in Kerala have been affected by the flood which has already killed 324 people.

The government officers have already risked their lives just to rescue the majority from the flood – boats and helicopters were already deployed to evacuate people.

It is the worst flooding in the Indian history.

Several footages on social media showed local residents stranded on their rooftops.

Since the rainy season kicked off in June this year, there have been nearly 1,000 death toll – which makes the worst flooding the state has seen in 100 years.

More than 314,000 people were now living in more than 20,000 emergency relief camps.

But recent reports show a number of people stranded on trees and rooftops.

Indian expats in the UAE have organized a charity program to help their countrymen.

The UAE has already formed a committee to provide help to Kerala flood victims.

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