• O.G. Wright

When Will Dubai People Learn To ‘Stand Right’ and ‘Walk Left’ On Dubai Metro?

A huge chunk of people in the city of Dubai are professionals. Professionals know how to read and they know how to follow simple instructions.

Isn’t frustrating when Dubai Metro passengers don’t follow the simple elevator etiquette?

For those who are unaware of this, there is are two signages posted on the escalators saying if you want to walk, walk to the left side. If you want to stay, then lurk in the right side.

You’re not supposed to block people who would want to use the left side just because you’re with your boo. It ain’t funny, man. Following escalator etiquette is way better than occupying a space that you’re not supposed to.

It just frustrates you especially when it’s a rush hour and you need to get inside the train before al abwab tughlak.

I just hope that Dubai Metro should be stricter with this because there are still many passengers here (mostly expats) that don’t follow this very simple rule.

The Roads and Transportation Authority (RTA) are doing their part to make the public’s experience peaceful as possible. Passengers should also do their part.

So, when will the people of Dubai learn this very simple instruction?

Does the RTA need to impose fine or penalties before we even realize how hassle are we with other people?

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