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Wife, surprises the husband by the pictures of the woman he often 'likes' on Instagram

A Tiktoker thought of a special gift by giving her husband a shocking surprise on Valentine's Day. In a TikToker video post with the username @ gr93la, she printed pictures of women that her husband often likes on Instagram. The woman even arranged the pictures and put a stick to stand them before she gave them to her husband.

"What did you get your man for Valentine's Day ?," he said in the video caption that there are millions of videos. But the woman is not looking for trouble and she just wants to make fun of her husband. “Since everyone is sharing what they got their significant other for Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d share mine,” the wife said on the video. “I got my husband this cute little box and filled it with pictures of all the girls that he’s been liking on Instagram. Hope he likes it.”

In another video, we can see the husband's reaction when the woman gives her gift. "What the hell is this?" the man asked with a laugher. "All the pictures you've been liking on Instagram," the woman replied. "Oh, very nice," the man replied with a smile. The woman's unique Valentine's gift garnered mixed reactions from netizens. News courtesy of GMA

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