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WIN: AED 300 Meal Vouchers From Itadaki Restaurant

A Japanese eatery called Itadaki Restaurant is giving away AED 300 worth of vouchers for you to enjoy some of the best rolls and ramen in the region.

Just follow the instructions below to be one of the winners.

If you’ve never heard about it, the only restaurant of Itadaki is located inside Wasl Vita Building in Jumeirah 1 and offering a total of 153 items on the menu.

And before going to the restaurant and having a chance to win the meal voucher, The City Vibes will recommend you some of the best items in the restaurant.

Few of our favorites are the Spicy Beef Ramen, Hurry Shrimp, and their bentos.

The Spicy Beef Ramen is spiked with some zesty ingredients. We enjoyed slurping the hot and spicy soup although it’s summer now in Dubai. It’s not too late fill up your stomach with this healthy and cozy soup. The soup has noodles, boiled egg, lettuce, thinly sliced beef, and other secret ingredients. Meanwhile, the beef has this ‘melt-in-your-mouth’ effect because it was very gooey. It’s 8/10 for us.

This delicately cooked item, Hurry Shrimp, is under the starter menu and also a must-try when you visit the restaurant. It’s composed of deep-fried shrimp with shredded dry cheese served with a gastronomic sauce. Not to exaggerate things out, we vote 9/10.

You wouldn’t want to leave the place without having to taste their authentic rolls. The place is popular of having these types of rolls that every Japanese food enthusiast would want to try. You can choose from drooling Signature Dish and Special rolls. What’s more entertaining are the familiar names of their rolls: Armenia Roll, Abu Dhabi Roll, Burj Khalifa Roll, and Karama Roll, among others.

Not a fan of spicy ramen? This Shio Butter Ramen is for you. This is equally as tasty as the Spicy Beef Ramen minus the pinch of spiciness. It’s served in a black bowl with Shio-based soup and assorted vegetable topped with thinly sliced beef. As expected, this soup is saltier than any other soups available on the menu. Our rate? 9/10.

These two bentos are served in big portion. I must say, they are very consistent because the friendly staff served us our food generously. The Chicken Bento is composed of chicken teriyaki, house salad, sticky rice with sashimi. The Salmon Bento, on the other hand, is an assortment of salmon with house of salad.

Before devouring our Japanese dessert, we try a traditional herb tea. While I can't distinguish if the tea was made from dried fruit, or flowers of spices of herbs, its aroma is soothing and it's kind of addicting.

Have you ever tried an ice cream which was literally fried? A scoop of ice cream in this dessert item is coated with cake sponge and whipped with chocolate syrup. Score? 10/10. It’s our favorite!

So, have you made up your mind yet?

If yes, then let start the competition!

Instructions: Like the Facebook page of Itadaki Restaurant, and tag a friend who would you like to be with in the restaurant on this Facebook post. Don’t forget to share the post as well!

Three winners will be announced on Friday, July 20 and receive AED 100 worth of meal vouchers each.

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